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The Circle Ends - Awake World

The Circle Ends - Awake World

Awake World
The Circle Ends

Publisher: Reckords | TCE03 | Release date: 03-12-2015

genres: rock
€ 0.99

After touring in countries like Switzerland, Slovakia, Austria and concerts in Germany, Czech Republic and the Netherlands, it was about time for The Circle Ends to take the next step in their career.

They decided to record their debut CD with Grammy-nominated producer Travis Wyrick. This decision totally fitted the mission statement they formulated before hitting the studio.

As the band quotes: "The Circle Ends creates an emotional wave, breaking through personal negative circles with a high quality music experience, that aims for the international top."

Travis Wyrick describes the sound The Circle Ends had in mind before they hit the studio in the summer of 2015:

"We wanted to stay a band with drums, guitars, bass and all that kind of elements. We wanted it to be heavy and powerful. Definitely we wanted to incorporate Techno, Industrial and Dance into the music. The band and I love all those influences. It seems to be a total fit.”

Their involvement with humanitarian aid, development, and advocacy organization World Vision inspired The Circle Ends to write the CD's first single "Awake World”. A cry to the world for an answer of love and compassion in a world that seems to be filled with injustice and inhumanity.

Steff (vocals) rewrote the lyrics last-minute to do justice to the news items he had to face while recording in Knoxville. "We cannot deny this world has gone crazy. There are no easy answers for that, still we want to bring that positive answer. Just to give hope to people during harsh circumstances.”

Audiences can expect to be taken on a musical and emotional journey.

"We prepare the most energetic live shows we have played since years. The diversity of the new songs ask for a different approach of our live shows. There will be fragile personal moments that will touch peoples' lives, alternated with industrial influenced hard rocking landscapes that will get people ready to move around."