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Trinity - Cada Día

Trinity - Cada Día

Cada Día

Publisher: Trinity Music | 003295 | Release date: 01-03-2009

genres: pop, world
€ 8.99
(album discount included)

After the succes of the first album ‘Inicio’ Trinity, a band formed by 4 young talented musicians from The Netherlands, recorded their second album ‘Cada Dia.’ Winning a band battle in 2008 for the Netherlands’ biggest Christian broadcasting agency, the EO helped them develop their distinct sound. ‘Cada Dia’ (which means ‘Every Day’) was produced by Frank van Essen, drummer of the band Iona (UK) and a great musician. Cada Dia mixes the Peruvian roots and Celtic influences with African beats and up-tempo grooves which is heard in songs like “Pueblos Todos,” “Girasol” and “Fly My Song.”