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DJ flubbel & D-Morphian

DJ flubbel & D-Morphian

DJ flubbel & D-Morphian

genres: electronic, praise/worship,
  • Biography by DJ Flubbel

Two christian DJ's decided to join forces in 2010 and create a Christian hardcore (house) CD.

Who is DJ Flubbel?
I have been a producer for many years. I used to create funny songs as a hobby. Since a few years I decided to get more serious. Currently I am working on a Christian house music project. My main styles are: newstyle, oldschool, terror, hardstyle and happy hardcore.

Who is D-morphian?
I'am DutchPeanut (that's my producername). My second artistname is D-Morphian. My real name is Patrick. I produce terror with breakcore elements, hardcore, darkcore, speedcore, a little bit industrial hardcore and sometimes hiphop.