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What is AudioBits

AudioBits is a download site for music lovers who like to look deeper than only the surface, which looks for artist and bands with a meaning. AudioBits wants to be a meeting point for those who make music and people who love to listen to music. We hope everyone finds here what they are looking for.

AudioBits offers digital music as mp3-format, without a copy protection and free to listen to via mp3-speler, telephone, in the car and at home.

Where does AudioBits stand for?

While the existing download systems focus on separated tracks and count for each track a, more or less, fixed price, AudioBits is convinced that composers and artists deserve more freedom in their work and, as it was in the "album era", must be capable of there is a unity and consistency in their albums. As for rock musicians as for classic composers the single track thinking should not be a limitation to their work.
AudioBits does not wish to provide music that is made with the purpose to discriminate, hurt or offend people, groups or organisations, and therefore not wants to be the distribution channel for racist, discriminating, offending and hurting material in word or image.
You will not find female unfriendly hip hop, satanic death metal or racist redneck country music to give some obvious examples. Not that AudioBits wants to shut any mouth or control any point of view but we are convinced there are enough other channels available for this kind of opinions.

What is the basic idea for your point of view?

Common sense. But always open for discussion. We might not easily step back from our ideas but we realise there is this grey area of course.

Is there no freedom of speech for musicians?

We are convinced proponents of freedom of expression. Everybody is responsible for his way of dealing with this. In his own way AudioBits tries to contribute a positive communication.
If you are convinced there is another interpretation of freedom you have all rights. Look for other ways to bring them to the world.

You say you do not want to provide music that is made to offend, discriminate or hurt people but I heard something that certainly does!

If you think so please send use a message (see contact form). Please give name of the artist, album and track name, with a description of your opinion. We will give your remarks serious attention.
This does not mean we can honour your complain absolutely. It might be possible you get no rely at all. We do not want to be a platform for discussion about what is wrong or what is right.

Why is there such difference in prices of songs?

We let the track lenght of the music mainly define the price of the track. A short intro or a long (classical) musical piece cannot be sold for the same price. We want the artist to have more creative freedom of composing and in the mean time you pay a reasonable fair price for each track.
Besides that the publisher and the artist have an influence on the price. There for it is possible that tracks withe the same length might have a different price.

Why would I pay for music when I can download for free?

Realise that music exists because there are musicians. If there are no more musicians because they have to do other work to get an income there is no more music for you to listen to. We think it’s only fair to pay the artists a fair price. AudioBits therefore pays 75% of the price straight to the artist/publisher.
We can start talking about laws and rights but we won't, common sense is of greater value. And everyone gets his rightful share.

I want to give some digital tracks to a friend, is that possible?

For that purpose we introduce the AudioBits Gift Card. Give your friend(s) a card for any amount you want by mail or printed from a pdf AudioBits will provide. As an extra you can suggest an artist, album or track you like by link.

My kids would like to download their favourite music but do not have a bank account/card?

Therefore we invented the AudioBits credits. You can buy them in advance so your kids can choose their own music and download it without paying. The value of their selection is automatically calculated with your AudioBits credit.

But then I will have a small amount left and loose that?

No, the credits will last for ever. And they can be used as a partial payment on a download that will be paid by credit card or bank.
The purchase of extra credits is not limited to any minimum.

Why would I buy AudioBits credits?

AudioBits Credits is meant to make it easier to do regular downloads without paying every time. Profit can be found in:
1. Savings on transaction costs
2. Quick handling because there is no credit card or bank transaction
3. Extra discount

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